Jul 19, 2019

"NARUTO: Slugfest" IP Mobile Game Launch Conference was held in Hong Kong

The launch conference for the "NARUTO: Slugfest" series IP game marked a monumental milestone for N1 Group and its subsidiary, GameSamba. Held in Hong Kong on July 19, 2019, this event not only unveiled the highly anticipated "NARUTO: Slugfest" 3D MMO mobile game but also provided valuable insights into N1 Group's strategic vision and future trajectory, eliciting significant interest and excitement from industry insiders.

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At the conference, CEO Jacky Yung articulated N1 Group's ambitious goals, including plans to list on the Hong Kong stock market and expand its footprint in the Japanese anime IP sector. "NARUTO: Slugfest" represents just the beginning of N1 Group's journey into developing and releasing flagship IP products. The company aims to deepen its involvement in anime IP industries and position itself as a global player in the IP cultural industry.

N1 Group CEO Jacky Yung

This event marked the first press conference hosted by N1 Group in recent years, underscoring the significance of "NARUTO: Slugfest" and the company's commitment to delivering innovative entertainment experiences to fans worldwide. The unveiling of "NARUTO: Slugfest" not only showcased N1 Group's technical prowess but also highlighted its ability to secure highly coveted IP licenses and collaborate with top industry partners.

The emergence of "NARUTO: Slugfest" solidifies N1 Group's position as a key player in the IP gaming landscape. With collaborations with top domestic R&D teams and a focus on Japanese comic IP adaptations, N1 Group is poised to deliver immersive gaming experiences that resonate with fans of the beloved "Naruto" series. The game's stunning visuals, intricate gameplay mechanics, and faithful adherence to the original source material have garnered praise from both fans and critics alike.

In addition to unveiling "NARUTO: Slugfest," the conference provided valuable insights into N1 Group's future development strategies. CEO Jacky Yung outlined the company's plans to expand its two-dimensional IP peripheral industries, focusing on both mature and original IP properties. By creating an IP product line that extends beyond gaming, N1 Group aims to establish itself as a leader in the global IP cultural industry, catering to the diverse interests of fans worldwide.

During a post-conference interview, Jason Zhang, vice president of N1 Group, shed light on the company's robust network of copyright partnerships around the world. Partnerships with renowned Japanese companies such as Shueisha, TV Tokyo, and Pierrot, as well as Kodansha in Japan and CBS in the United States, underscore N1 Group's commitment to collaborating with industry leaders to deliver high-quality entertainment experiences to audiences globally.

From left to right: Pierrot Managing Director Keiro Henmi, TV Tokyo Senior Managing Director Yukio Kawasaki, Shueisha Licensing Deputy General Manager Shigeaki Oouchi, N1 Group CEO Wing Wa Yung, R&D Representative Fuming Chen

Furthermore, N1 Group's efficient business communication across regions and time zones instils confidence in its partners, ensuring seamless collaboration and successful project execution. The company's expanded Japanese team is poised to play a pivotal role in supervising and enhancing IP business functions during the development process, further bolstering N1 Group's capabilities in delivering top-notch gaming experiences to fans worldwide.

After the press conference, N1 Group CEO Jacky Yung specifically mentioned the current and existing core genes in an exclusive interview: a senior and stable core team, strong development capabilities, and a complete industrial layout.

Additionally, N1 Group's achievements in the industry have been recognized since as early as 2014, when it was awarded the "Top Ten Overseas Expanding Game Enterprises" by the China Audiovisual and Digital Publishing Association. Titles such as "Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War" and "Star Trek™: Alien Domain" have garnered international success, further solidifying N1 Group's reputation as a leading player in the global gaming industry.

In an exclusive interview, CEO Jacky Yung emphasized the core strengths that underpin N1 Group's success. These include a senior and stable core team, robust development capabilities, and a comprehensive industrial layout. With a strategic focus on talent cultivation and overseas expansion, particularly in North America and Asia, N1 Group is well-positioned to achieve its ambitious goals and continue its trajectory of growth and success.

Looking ahead, N1 Group remains committed to overseas development and plans to celebrate its tenth anniversary next year. With ambitions to list on the Hong Kong stock market and enhance its international reputation, N1 Group is poised to deliver even more groundbreaking IP experiences in the future, delighting fans and pushing the boundaries of entertainment innovation.