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N1 Group is a global leader in high-quality intellectual property operations, dedicated to developing and promoting IP content. We have over a decade of experience in transforming interesting IPs into successful merchandise, and we are currently focusing on gaming and anime statues.

Our meticulous attention to detail has allowed us to build a comprehensive and competitive ecosystem within the IP industry chain.  We started our journey in 2010 and have developed strategic relationships with top international partners, earning industry acclaim for our unwavering integrity and widespread visibility.

N1 Group actively expands its presence in the global pan-entertainment market. Our reach spans key areas of the Chinese cultural sphere, including Hong Kong, Mainland China as well as Taiwan, North America, and Japan. We've also made significant strides in Southeast Asian markets such as Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand, enriching the global landscape with our IP value.

We are committed to content-driven innovation as we carefully explore and refine operations across various IPs, and we've developed a portfolio of high-impact projects with global resonance. By leveraging our unique vision, we nurture and elevate promising IPs, transforming their intangible value into tangible cultural consumer products through precise branding, compelling storytelling, exquisite visuals, and efficient business models.

We use a robust IP development framework, which includes everything from acquisition and creative planning to product development, marketing, and sales realization. This holistic approach ensures rigorous and efficient value extraction from our IP resources, enhancing competitiveness in the global market and delivering substantial returns to our partners.

With an unwavering commitment to strategic foresight, rich content heritage, global expansion, and social responsibility, N1 Group sets the standard for intellectual property operators worldwide. We remain steadfast in our mission to propel the pan-entertainment industry toward even greater heights.


N1 Group was founded in 2010 by Mr. Weng and quickly made its mark with the launch of the first web game under the NGames brand called DDTank.


We gained global recognition as a key partner of Google Hong Kong, which helped us gain a growing influence.


Our reach extended globally, with NGames emerging as a leading web game platform with over 50 million users in North America alone.


NGames witnessed a significant milestone as our games earned a place among Facebook's top ten games of the year. One of our games won the Game of the Year Award.


We entered the mobile game R&D and distribution business and successively launched the Southeast Asian version of Dynasty War. We also collaborated with industry giants such as Perfect World and Shanda, and we were recognized as one of the Top Ten Chinese Overseas Expansion Game Companies.


We made strategic acquisitions, including American game operator GameSamba, and secured adaptation rights for the highly anticipated Tokyo Ghoul game. We also launched our first self-developed IP strategy game, Star Trek: Alien Domain.


We penetrated the Japanese and Korean mobile gaming markets with acclaimed releases like Summer Diary, which have gained repeated recommendations from Apple App Store.


We solidified our position in the gaming industry by securing rights to develop the Naruto game.


2018 marked a year of innovation with the launch of our first mobile game derived from self-developed Japanese anime IP, Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War, alongside the eagerly awaited sequel to Star Trek Alien Domain, Star Trek Alien Domain: Incursion.


The global press conference for the Naruto mobile game Naruto: Slugfest received overwhelming support from copyright partners like TV Tokyo and Studio Pierrot. It was broadcast live across many domestic channels.


We diversified into collectible anime statues with X1Art and expanded our presence to Tokyo, Japan, with N1 Co., Ltd.


We introduced the highly anticipated Tokyo Ghoul: Break the Chains and unveiled our first anime IP statue, Naruto: Uchiha Sasuke.


We are expanding our X1Art collectible range with new releases, including Black Clover: Asta and Tokyo Ghoul: Kaneki Ken vs. Amon Kotaro.