Mar 13, 2020

IP Mobile Game "NARUTO: Slugfest" Multi-countries Closed Beta Online

Recently, the highly anticipated world's first Naruto IP-licensed 3D MMO ARPG mobile game “NARUTO: Slugfest” has been launched in closed beta testing in ten countries in Southeast Asia and Northern Europe.

NARUTO: Slugfest focuses on open-world MMO role-playing gameplay, in which players will return to Kiba Village for a brand new adventure in the familiar anime world. The game is based on the Naruto worldview, and some of the classic characters from the original film, such as Sasuke, Sakura Haruno, Kakashi, and other Naruto characters created by Saitoshi Kishimoto, will be available to meet you.

The NARUTO: Slugfest game system is similar to other massively multiplayer role-playing games, though it carries over some of the original's settings well. For example, players can perform ninja commissioned missions in order to gain experience and new equipment. The game allows for some of these missions to be automated, while there are still many that require the player to take on challenges and rely on a variety of actions to complete. When players initially create a character, they can choose between four different character types depending on their preference.

The game features real-time combat, where the player can fight enemies using a variety of ninjutsu skills and their own body techniques, which perfectly fits the game's worldview. The game also comes with a skill tree system to support players who like to match moves or create personalized skills. In addition, the game's beautiful graphics, real-time weather changes, and original voice acting from the original film make players feel close to the game while providing a better immersive experience. Players can play online with friends while on team missions, as well as 1v1 online battles with other players. Players can join their friends in the world of Naruto and become the ideal ninja in their own mind.