Nov 30, 2018

Star Trek Returns! "Star Trek™ Alien Domain: Incursion" Public Beta Online!

STAR TREK™: ALIEN DOMAIN, a Star Trek-licensed IP branded game, has enjoyed a long and successful run since its launch in 2015, with six language versions in English, German, French, Russian, Japanese, and Portuguese to date, making it a huge hit. Recently, N1 Group subsidiary GameSamba has released a sequel to this game, STAR TREK™ ALIEN DOMAIN: INCURSION.

STAR TREK™ ALIEN DOMAIN : INCURSION is a complete optimisation and innovation based on the success of the previous generation. The first generation has provided the game with an unrivalled advantage: a huge user base. The excellent IP itself has a deep fan base. The game is compatible with all platforms and supports multi-platform server data interoperability.

The game from the main interface of the main base, energy stations, space stations, to each starship model with characteristics, as well as the background of each galaxy on the galaxy map, planet distribution, planet effects, etc., are carefully made by the art team. Strive to bring a shocking and realistic visual feast to every player.

As an SLG game, PvP gameplay such as players fighting and looting on the large map is still the core, and STAR TREK™ ALIEN DOMAIN: INCURSION is no exception. Players are free to choose sides and unlock large maps that match their level to experience individual and group PvP.