Dec 30, 2015

Against the Odds, i3Fun's "Dynasty War" Sets Another Record!

Recently, “Dynasty War”, a Three Kingdoms-themed mobile game published by i3Fun, a subsidiary of N1 Group, in Singapore and Malaysia, took advantage of the festive season to set a new revenue record again, with daily sales exceeding US$150,000 after being on the charts for eight months!

The Chinese version of Dynasty War in Singapore and Malaysia is the 12th best-selling game on the iPad, and the English version is the 2nd best-selling game on the iPad, which is so strong that it doesn't even look like it's been on the market for a few months!

In today's market, the number of game releases is soaring, but the quality of the games varies, and the life cycle is so short that there is a common belief that mobile games have a short lifespan. A hand tour operation three months after the skin, wash a wave of users and then disappear mode is not uncommon. The long term performance of "Dynasty War" is even more valuable in this environment, and both R&D Optimus Studio and Publishing Uuu9 Games deserve a lot of credit for it.

Long-term gameplay, deep localization

Gameplay is the core of the survival cycle, "Dynasty War" is firstly based on the background of the well-known Three Kingdoms culture, and takes the classic tower defense strategy gameplay of the Clash of Clans category as the basis, and there are also card systems, legion interaction systems and the setting of the same service worldwide, which effectively captures the hearts of the players!

In terms of distribution, the game is also differentiated according to the conditions of different overseas countries, with an in-depth understanding of the preferences of local players and a preference for releasing versions in that region.

Starting from a game, moving towards global pan-entertainment

At the early stage of the launch of "Dynasty War", we set the tone of making high-quality products and taking a long-term approach, and now it has been operated in more than 20 countries and regions around the world, depositing tens of millions of high-quality users and having a wide range of influence. Based on this, with the game "Dynasty War" as the foundation, the comprehensive development from film and television to literature will be launched soon. It is believed that this will also attract more players to the game!

With the already outstanding quality of "Dynasty War", coupled with i3Fun's meticulous localization and in-depth distribution, it is believed that "Dynasty War" will embark on an even longer and more fervent journey in 2016, riding on the crest of the world!