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Auguste Xiong(IP Cooperation)

BD Director

QQ: 2850163562

Jerry Wang(Game Cooperation)

Business Manager

QQ: 2850163565

Jay Xu(Game Cooperation)

Business Manager

QQ: 2850163467

Strives to become one of the world-class anime IP title operators.

N1 Holdings Ltd. is committed to adapting good IP resources into game products and releasing great domestic game products to the global market and strives to become one of the world-class anime IP title operators.

We obtain IP resources, integrate domestic funds and R&D resources, and control the top-tier overseas publishing platform.

GameSamba, a branch of N1 Holdings Ltd., is an established game platform based in the USA and a leading company in the American IP and mobile game industry. Famous IPs acquired by N1 Holdings Ltd., including "Naruto", "Tokyo Ghoul", " My Hero Academia" and "Star Trek" have fared well in the web game and mobile game markets.

N1 Holdings Ltd. has a first-rate localization team with game users across the world, operating English, German, French, Portugal, Spanish, Japanese and other language versions.